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Naiduniya is a daily Hindi newspaper operated by Naiduniya Media Limited. It was established in Indore on 5 June 1947, a few days before the independence of India. The publication of Nai Duniya started from Indore on 5th June 1947 with the efforts of Krishnachandra Mudkal and Krishnakant Vyas. At that time it was a small evening daily. After the formation of Madhya Pradesh Nai Duniya started its Raipur (1952) and Jabalpur (1959) editions but they were closed in 1971. However, after Chhattisgarh became a separate state, publication of Raipur and Bilaspur editions of Nai Duniya started. The grand decor, simple language, excellent editorial and latest news of 'Nai Duniya' have not only made it the most circulated paper of Madhya Pradesh but also placed it in the category of best Hindi dailies of the country. Its editor-in-chief, Rahul Barpute, established the best ideals and standards of journalism. Apart from this, renowned journalists of the country like Late Rajendra Mathur, Prabhas Joshi also made their mark with the new world. Many litterateurs, writers, poets are associated with this letter in Madhya Pradesh.