Book Obituary Classified Advertisement in Eenadu

Eenadu was launched on 10th August 1974 in Visakhapatnam and a new chapter in newspaper publishing and journalism was heralded in. It was a moment etched forever in memory, for the Telugu's. All it took was four years for Eenadu to become the No.1 daily newspaper in Andhra Pradesh. The secret to being on the top, is Eenadu's love for Telugu's and Telugu. Their aspirations, their causes, their language are Eenadu's inspiration and path to pre-eminence. Recognising this latent need, Eenadu brought in a product innovation - for every district its own newspaper. The district's news, events, views were given the importance they richly deserved. Thus were born 30 district, city newspapers in a multicolour tabloid form. Such a landmark change was for the first time in the world.